The Daintree can be one great big playground from the very adventurous to the subdued. You can zip line through the jungle, kayak in the Coral Sea, day trip to the reef and snorkel, cruise through the rivers and creeks, spotting crocodiles and bird life. Night walks armed with only a torch such as the Night walks here at Heritage to seek out the nightlife when the rainforest comes alive. We have many board-walks in the area, that aren’t too strenuous and range from 700mtrs to 1.2kms, The Discovery centre has a canopy walk and tower and also offer interpretive audio equipment as you walk through the amazing rainforest. There is horse riding at Cape tribulation and Wonga Beach. Feel the adrenaline as you rough it through rainforest, cattle country and logging tracks on Argo 8×8, for the ultimate off road experience. Enjoy the flavours of our two renowned Ice Cream establishments, dine in and enjoy the fare of some of the wonderful restaurants and cafes, including On the Turps licensed restaurant here at the Lodge. Exotic fruit tasting is also available and well worth a visit.

As you can see, there is so much to see and do here in the Daintree. We can help to book any tours that you may be interested in and can certainly recommend tours to suit your needs.

On the flip side, what a wonderful place to detox and unwind from your usually busy schedule.  Lock away the Phones and Ipads and take time to reconnect with nature, your family or yourself.

 Heritage Lodge Night Walks

Allow our experienced guide to take you through the property spotting the nocturnal flora and fauna armed with only a torch.

1 hour walks depart nightly at 8pm

Adults $20 – Children $10 for in-house guests

Nightwalks are currently available


.tree trunkSteps walking Track 2 (Small)

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