Daintree Walks and Lookouts

Self-Guided Rainforest Walks and Lookouts in the Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Coast is a spectacular living museum, home to some of the world’s oldest and most bio-diverse ecosystems. This guide will take you through some of the must see and do walks and lookouts of the Daintree rainforest.  Suitable for all ages and fitness levels to explore during your stay with Heritage Lodge in the Daintree.

Each walk provides a unique insight of the ecological diversity of lowland rainforest in the FNQ Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

You will walk through deep ancient forest, under canopies of living giants, twisting vines, expansive palm fronds and massive basket ferns. Wander through the banks of mangroves, cross over the top of creeks and take in the breathtaking sights and panoramas.

Tips for safe & Enjoyable walks in the Daintree National Park

Remember in a national park – everything is protected.

Mount Alexandra Lookout

Mount Alexandra Lookout

Located approx. 7km North of the Daintree River ferry crossing on Cape Tribulation Road, Mount Alexandra lookout provides a spectacular panorama. From here you can see lush rainforest sweeping out to the Coral Sea and headlands of Port Douglas and beyond.

Gaze over where the Daintree River mouth meets the ocean and Snapper Island not far offshore.

On a clear day, see if you can spot the lighthouse on one of the islands making up the Low Isles in the distance.

An ideal spot to take a photo to capture your Daintree experience. You will get great phone network reception here too if you want to share it on social media.

Jindalba Boardwalk

Jindalba Boardwalk - Cow Bay

Jindalba is the traditional Eastern Kuku Yalanji people’s name for this rainforest area meaning ‘foot of the mountain’.

The Jindalba Boardwalk is located at the bottom of Mount Alexandra at the end of Tulip Oak Road (8.5km from Mount Alexandra Lookout). It is an easy walk of 650m return with some stepped areas. For those wanting more of a hike, there is also a circuit track taking you beyond the boardwalk that takes approx 1-1.5 hours and is a moderate walk.

Stroll along the boardwalk, through ancient forest that cloaks the mountain’s foothills. Walk slowly and keep an eye out for the buff-breasted paradise kingfisher often spotted at the entrance to the boardwalk, and musky rat-kangaroos that scurry across the forest floor.

Highlights also include impressive fig trees, ancient king ferns and hope cycads.

Information signs are placed throughout the walk providing insight on the complexities of rainforest structure and how different species have adapted to survive in the rainforest environment.

Wheelchair access is available to the creek bridge on the boardwalk from the exit end, near the disabled parking bays.

Madja Boardwalk - Cape Tribulation

Madja or Marrdja means ‘rainforest’ or ‘jungle’ and is one of the few places where plants, representing all stages of the evolution of land plants over the last 400 million years, are found.

The Madja Boardwalk will take you on a botanical journey through impressive rainforest and mangrove forest along an easy 1.2km (45 minute return) loop.

In the Daintree, mangroves and rainforests live side-by-side and as you walk along the track you will see how close they reside. Mangroves provide a vital nursery for marine animals and regulate salt levels through their root systems. Informative signs are placed throughout the walk providing insight of the plants found in these environments.

The Madja Boardwalk is particularly spectacular during a high tide when the water flows through the mangrove forest areas and the light shines through the canopy. On a low tide you will hear the bustling of crabs and other crustaceans on the muddy banks. Both tides are well worth coming back for to experience during your stay in the Daintree.

You will find Madja Boardwalk along Cape Tribulation Road (LOT 10), an approx. 12 minute drive South from Heritage Lodge Daintree rainforest accommodation.

Dubuji Boardwalk Fan Palmss

Dubuji Boardwalk - Cape Tribulation

Dubuji means ‘place of spirits’ and has great spiritual and cultural significance to the local Eastern Kuku Yalanji tribe. The boardwalk facilities have been designed to protect these special places.

The 1.2km walk (approx. 45min return) takes you along a meandering track under spectacular canopies of fan palms, vine forest and through mangrove and wetland areas. At the end you can further extend your walk along the soft sands of Myall Beach.

Informative signs are provided throughout the walk. Keep an eye out for the orange-footed scrubfowl scratching up the forest floor, monitor lizards and cassowaries are also frequently spotted here.

Dubuji is a great spot for a picnic lunch with plenty of covered table areas and toilet facilities available.

Dubuji Boardwalk is located on Cape Tribulation Road in Cape Tribulation.

Kulki Boardwalk - Cape Tribulation Beach Lookout

Kulki “gool-gee’ was a meeting area and place where local Kuku Yalanji tribe members gathered food, medicine and tools. The area has significant cultural and spiritual significance.

The 600m return walk (approx 10 minutes) takes you through rainforest to a viewing platform that provides a spectacular panorama overlooking Cape Tribulation beach and dense rainforest slopes. Here you can really see where the rainforest meets the reef and the two world heritage areas join.

We hope you find our guide to be useful for planning your visit to explore the Daintree rainforest.

For further information on the Daintree region and for details of other walking tracks and activities, visit Destination Daintree.

Heritage Lodge staff are also available to help you plan your Daintree holiday. Our reception area has plenty of brochures and info sheets for inspiration, and ask at reception if you would like to book a tour!

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Article and photography by Gemma Heggie Digital Spice on behalf of Heritage Lodge in the Daintree.

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